About Reglindis Pfeiffer, M.A.

Highly experienced communications professional  with an in-depth knowledge of corporate communications and an excellent track record in the planning and implementation of successful programs

  • hands-on and flexible
  • strong analytical and strategic skills
  • highly committed team player


  • 5 years consultant at highly respected communications consultancy firm
  • 5 years as senior manager with multinational corporation
  • 5 years entrepreneur/ founder of rp kommunikation

Specific Expertise:

  • change communications
  • corporate positioning / messaging
  • crisis communications

I can be a welcome addition to your organization  and your team, if you …

  • experience staff shortage e.g. due to illness or maternity leave and prefer to make use of  temporary, flexible external support (vs. internal headcount)
  • need additional manpower to address specific topics (crisis, M&A etc.)
  • are building up or extending CorpComm capabilities

I will be happy to support you and your team through

  • communications concepts and strategy
  • workshops / media training
  • basic tools (messaging, Q&As, intranet, website...)
  • leadership communications/ employee communications
  • employer branding
  • media work (business and consumer)
  • sales oriented communications
  • producing and editing texts for media work, ghostwriting, speeches, customer mailings, etc.

Industry expertise

Associations, attorneys, accountants, consulting firms, energy, engineering, electronics industry, finance, foreign direct investment,  foundations, healthcare, lighting industry, IT and telecom

Global experience

Global coordination of public relations work for subsidies; closures and openings of new plants in Europe (e.g. Germany), Asia, North- and Latin America; planning of CEO visits abroad etc.

Languages: German / English, Spanish, French


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